Well I’m here…

And I gotta say…it’s not bad.
Of course, the first few days were a bit hellish… with the highlight of the first week being a trip to the ER.
I have this deep seated mistrust of doctors and in this case, aka overpaid quack-a doos!  I love paying thousands of dollars or millions of won to be told exactly what I had known before walking in those dreaded doors, but I guess the human mind needs assurance of any kind when panicked, sick and vulnerable. And don’t you think I didn’t notice the FIVE “doctors” that were poking and prodding me asking all kinds of stupid questions, were actually interns on some learning spree. hmph.

Never in my life have I felt like Quasimodo limping in on my beastly haunches until a little girl actually looked at me, covered her mouth with one hand, pointing at me with the other before she ran away, actually frightened by my green in the face sickness. Then everybody else took a step back and also gasped. WTF dudes.  I mean can’t a girl go to the ER incognito and slip away unbeknownst into the night, or must my spot be blown up, FULLBLOWN like that? ugh, stupid kid.

Me at the ER =(**** Eh, Disney's version is actually bit cuddly, aw~

So the first few days went from okay to bad to worse then terrible then back to okay. The strange feeling among the chaos was this freedom. The ability to breath without lingering feelings of some sort of disdain for life. Okay, okay… that’s a tad dramatic. But Korea felt, even in the first day of arriving,  like HOME.
A home is where you make it, so they say.

I’ve lost some weight which is great. But I cannot talk about weight right now! Something a bit more substantial should fill this blog entry. But lets see….hmmmm…. ITS ALL ABOUT WEIGHT here!!! Seems like the proper greeting here is “Hi, hey you got fat!” or ironically “Did you eat?!”  Oh the paradoxical life we live. I’m not even sure they make clothes in my size here. All the clothes are like midget sizing I presume. To console myself, I may be tall but I’m not that BIG! I’m just big boned, thats all. LOL I think thats what they call HEALTHY back in good ol US of A! Get with the program you pancake ass koreans! Anywayz…..I’m not angry.

Me? I’ve always been more of a Marilyn than an Audrey, so I dragged my big fat Marilyn-esque ass out everyday to brave the slap-you-in-your face superficiality that is Korean society and everyday life, as I’ve gotten to know here.  And between all that slapping and ass dragging, I’ve gotten skinny(well skinnnn-ier haha) again! Truth be told though, it took some work. Dieting and working out like a mad woman at the nearby forest/mountain/park, whatever that thing is. Since when did this girl start friggin HIKING. I shudder at the damned words but hey, it’s not that bad. I feel clean and healthy and primed for the best health of my life. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, inside me lives and breathes a happy, carb loving fat kid. A fat kid who loves….


more beer! See that hole the beer is resting in? It's like a mini cooler, keeps your beer ice cold and at optimum drinking temperature! genius.

Then of course you can’t get buzzed without hitting up…

drunken karaoke!

So this is basically how Koreans have fun and let me tell you, its FUN!!! So that was one random low key night out with family…

This first month will be all about buying furniture, decorating and just figuring things out. I’ve already gotten a sofa, bed, fridge, kimchi fridge(dont ask why, isnt the name obvious?), air conditioner,a sick Samsung LED tv, my lovely IPAD 2….i know boring…But seeing things come together after arriving with just 7 suitcases in tow is in itself, quite rewarding.


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