Gym Bunnies

So it’s a cool, breezy lovely Sunday afternoon…I love Autumn!!!! I was practically giddy since the weather was so nice I  decided I needed to go shopping for a new gym outfit. Don’t you HATE it when you wear cotton  and you get that nasty ring of sweat that is 5x magnified under those bright gym lights? I’ve learned my lesson.

Bought a outfits but threw this on because I’m in love with the skort-ish look, skirt attached with tights underneath. I feel like some cool tennis player or something. The shirt is the Clima365 Series from Adidas and the pants are Nike DriFit. These days all I see is SPORTSWEAR! So far Adidas and Nike are my fave. Should I be in the know of some other, hipper brands? Gotta do some research…..

When you look good, you feel better, so you want to do more. Especially during a workout~  Nothing wrong with looking cute at the gym right? Especially if your gym has a dresscode or you just don’t want to rock the raggedy hobo look thats preferred by some. Although, I don’t condone the “gym bunnie” look which may include full makeup, clunky jewelry, a perfume shower or bedazzled booty shorts that leave little to the imagination. I’m not judging but I get slightly curious of those girls that come to the gym decked out like christmas ornaments, water bottle in one hand, and phone in the other, barely do anything and leave. Little pet peeve of the day….But again, NO JUDGEMENT! =)

I love tights and spandex as gymwear but feel so conspicuous wearing them sometimes, so the little skirt on top of tights are perfect!

shirt is doubled layered with a tank top that supposedly "molds" or "holds" your various muscles in place. I think I can feel it....

Speaking of “gym bunnies”…I went for a jog/hike and saw the cutest bunny couple! I swear they were posing for me! =) They don’t get scared and the closer I got they did different, snuggly poses~ It was adorable.

Bunny LOVE~! ❤

i dont know what this face is, it's my joyful jogging face! sometimes a girls gotta go au naturel

this strawberry raspberry yogurt smoothie is SO DELISH and packaging is cool!


back home, resting, watching Korean TV. Yep that explains the look.

peace and love, lets call it a n i g h t...zzzzz.....

K, so that was my uneventful Sunday~ The Stella McCartney Adidas line looks pretty nice! I think I’ll have to go scoop some up =) Night Night, With Love, LISA~!!


The Longest Slumber and The Train Ride From Hell

I tend to lay awake at night with bouts of insomnia. I’ve noticed I collect all these sleepless nights and konk out the entire day, every two weeks or so. Waking from sleeping like that feels so good! It’s usually a slow lazy Sunday or an unexpected nap on a listless Wednesday night.

Today, I did it again. My body felt like it was being lulled into a deep trance, void of any energy left. I just got home last night pretty late, running on empty, after a trip to the seaside. I took a 5 hour train ride aptly named by me, The Train Ride From Hell. I was bombarded with just about any type of rude, uncouth scenario you can imagine while taking public transportation. Heck, the NYC Subway was dearly missed.

It wasn’t the  train in itself, it was the lepers on it! Crying babies screaming at what could have been mistaken for hysterical banshees or whatever radar sonic booms travel at, old men with MAJOR gas problems, people who packed just about the stinkiest things imaginable to eat on a train, packs of unruly, cursing teenagers smoking(how is this STILL allowed?), and of course the old couple sitting behind me, who constantly yanked my seat so far back EVERY stinkin time they had to get up, I could see up their nostrils. And they got up every 10 minutes. AND I was trying to get some much needed sleep! I guess they also thought my headrest was their own personal FOOT REST. I mean, come one people! We are not neanderthals!

So, the trip itself was great minus the scorching hot weather. But I’m a city girl. Lesson learned. No more train rides. The idea seemed so exciting…you know, a night train to some far off seaside town. But I forgot. This is Korea and far off means country folk and country THINGS. I dont know. I miss NY. =/ The photos are in no specific order but it was all that day….

really tired from no sleep! but gotta keep truckin..

at the local seafood market

i left my heart at the sea!~

that morning...

two shots of this and I was DONE! =)

poor fishie became our lunch~! this and two others i forgot to take a pic!

we were lost in this town, just came on a whim since it's my dads hometown, but the locals said the true way to eat good sashimi is at the market where you pick the fish and they prepare it for you at a interconnected restaurant.

Detox Smoothie

After a week devoted to the holidays, also known as just plain chowing on great food, it’s time to detox! I thought of this Smoothie recipe three years ago after reading the book, Skinny Bitch, and decided to go Vegan. Of course, that only lasted a year and a half. But isn’t that a long time?…

Cabbage is really healthy and it has vast benefits for dieters due to it’s high fiber content. It has several healing properties and helps to keep you full. It’s best eaten raw but it isn’t very appetizing and well, it’s a tad smelly. So, throw it all into a refreshing and fruity smoothie and it’ll go down very easy!

So basically you need:

1 cup cabbage
1 container yogurt, raspberry or strawberry
1 green apple
1/2cup frozen mixed berries
1/2cup frozen bananas
Cold water or apple juice about 2cups, water is less caloric and apple juice makes it sweeter! So it’s up to your preference.

(I always have frozen bananas in the freezer. It’s so complimentary to all smoothies, giving them a great smoooooth texture and rich creaminess. Just throw ripe bananas, skin on, into your freezer. That’s it. And when your ready to use them, let them rest and thaw for 5mins and the peels will come off very easy with a knife. If your impatient like me, I just take the skin off while still frozen by just slicing it off with a knife.)

Just throw it all and blend! I like to frost my glass in the freezer while I prepare the ingredients, that way it’s extra frosty and delish! It such a pretty blush pink color, I call it Hello Kitty Pink.

I just got a blender few days ago and I think I’ll make it regularly from now. I don’t have cabbage right now, so as much as I’d like one now, I can’t make it. But I’ll try to go grocery shopping and post a pic tomorrow!
Off to the park I go. It’s right by the water and it’s really nice at night minus the random bug that flys splat into your face. Tootles!~

Photo Diary Part 2

It’s Saturday night and I just got back from a night jog at the park. I skipped gym today because I was dillydallying and missed the cut-off time. Saturdays they close at 10 and boy, if you don’t start wrapping things up by 9, they get real annoying.

So, I got myself a camera as I promised I would. =)

needed to get a shot of the camera. the camera on my laptop is eh.

Then I took these pics…

Chillin like a villian~

Me if I had a sunny tan!~ Vegas is calling my name!

I’ve been eating so so so much lately! Albeit all healthy foods but still seems like I’m noshing all day. My brother has given me a befitting nickname, san dwehji, which means like wild hog or forest pig in Korean~ Which is hilarious but why specifically a forest pig? They must be more sturdier and tougher than say, a wussy, soft farm pig. Yes, I actually thought about this. Weird I know.

Hey come to think of it, my favorite piggy, Piglet is a forest pig too! =) Did I ever mention I'm obsessed with Winne the Pooh?

Plus, I have been going to the dermatologist because my skin has been pissing me off lately which also requires me to avoid the sun like the plague. The sun is so vital to stave depression and feelings of general malaise. You gotta get your daily dose of vitamin D! But no sun coupled with visits to the derm are making me feel bit blasé.Thank god working out releases mega endorphins! I actually really like sweating buckets at the gym although I may look gross it feels super. No sweat and I feel cheated out of a workout.

Has anyone gotten photo and laser facials? Sounds so futuristic but it’s just so common these days. It’s like good grooming here. Wonder what other new things they’ll come up with. But all this effort and at times PAIN should yield something good right? It’s hard work=(

On a positive note, I can really see a clear improvement and better and better as the days go by. The rapid  turnover of cells on my skin is amazing! Well finally, once in my life my skin seems to be working with me, not raising hell against me. lol.

Anywhooooo…The reason why I stress so much is that skin is prized like your firstborn in Korea. Hell, I think people would trade their firstborn to have perfect skin! And all the while, the stress of having to maintain crystalline, porcelain, milky white skin is aggravating my stress levels which guess what? Makes me have bad skin!!!! Argh the irony!!!!!

Plus, Korea is adamantly ANTI TAN. People walk around like a nuclear bomb went off and they need to shield themselves from the harmful radiation. Face masks, hats that look basically like a huge umbrella attached on top of the head with extra SPf guards on the sides, long sleeves on top of short sleeves, and long pants. And I mean I’ve seen them wear all these all at once in like 98 degree weather! Hello, are you melting in there or what? it was funny at first but I got used to it.

While all of Korea rests for Korean Thanksgiving, I have to find a way to keep up a regimen without the health club since it’s closed Mon and Tues. I opt for outdoor jogs and long walks with at home yoga on the iPad. The cheapo in me wants to ask for “credit” for so many days off from the gym. lol. Whoever said I wasn’t frugal???

Tomorrow(Sunday) I’ll be cooking all day long for Korean Thanksgiving on Monday. Hmmmm, not sure how much food will actually be left if I’m gonna be in that kitchen. But that’s one of the main perks of being the CHEF!=) Well sous chef~ My gramma and mama being the main chefs!

We get to spend some quality time with ALL THREE generations of the Yi/Lee family! My grandmother, my mom, my aunt and me! AWESOME! I love talking to my aunt! She’s like the sister I never had and I don’t know how she manages to stay younger than me! Love them all to death!

These days I find happiness in all the things that fill my heart to the brim. I’m really so lucky and give thanks to God for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s to being humble for your success, happy for the scared things in life and content with what you have at the moment!

The Blood Type Diet

Being an avid participant of new fad diets, I decided to ignore my better instincts and try this Blood Type Diet.

Strangely as a child I was convinced I was Type O. Then as I better understood my personality, I was positive I had to be the crazy type AB. But last week I found I’m Blood Type B. Plain old B. This, of course, stems from the Japanese and Korean personality profiling by different blood types. Yes, it is horoscope but it’s so eerily on point in my experiences, juging from friends and family members.  So this is basically the astrology of diets, if that makes sense. It did, to me, for about a good, I dunno, all of ….two days. Then I just wanted to eat like a normal human. Healthy all around with a little junk here and there so I don’t get too bored or, better yet, boring!

So, this diet advocates that B’s were the “hunters”, the nomads. We were originally from Asia, mainly the rough and sturdy Mongolians. We hadn’t developed the technology to produce grains or make bread but feasted on proteins and things like fruits and vegetables. Blah blah blah i wont go into too scientifically as there s no science to actually support these theories. And strangely, it forbids me to eat TOFU. NO WAY JOSE. I LOVE tofu. It is my favorite go-to staple food and I even love the taste of it. I also can’t have sesame oil, it’s seeds, miso and a whole bunch of other healthy foods. So I ditched it.

I will, though, take from it what I can. I know I shouldn’t have wheat bread but I had two slices with tuna salad today.I did kinda feel bloated but this is the year 2011 ok. I mean if this blood diet advocates our ancestral history as a lineage between what types of food our body can handle, haven’t they realized that humans adapt and evolve to different situations? I think my very cosmopolitan, futuristic body made in the 21st century can handle a slice of bread or two.

True Intent

Hello whoever’s out there! Big tooth grin from lil ol me!

Girls and Boys, leave your other face at home! Dont you get tired from dragging two around=)

So I was wondering today about why people act or treat you the way they do. Family become strangers, strangers become family, friends become enemies and enemies become your friends. It’s strange. All throughout that process we never quite can be sure of people’s true intent. What intentions lurk behind those shady smiles and leering, seemingly friendly eyes? Do you want to know?  Do you dare seek the truth? Is the truth too ugly? Do you ever wonder…”Dude, WHAT is your deal?”
Then we realize sometimes people are too self centered to base any decision on YOU. It must be about THEM. I’d like to think all the life lessons I’ve learned was from being thrown into a pit of lions and wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Because at times that’s how I feel after finding out people true intentions were anything but good, pure, honest, friendly, what have you. And what I’ve learned from dealing with these types of two faced biznatches was….not much. I still carry around my heart on my sleeve and wonder why it hurts so much when this person turned on me. And at times I feel it’s ME. That everything done unto me was because I was a defect but it’s not. It’s something fundamentally going haywire in their circuiting. Maybe they were dealing with issues I couldn’t possibly understand.

That’s the only way to really step above rejection, two timing, hatred, jealousy, gossip and betrayal. To have compassion for those that have wronged you and move on. Like me, lessons learned are but only lessons and change is a natural progression, not a calculated, hardened one. I keep making those same mistakes… trusting people, wanting to connect on a deeper level so I give away my heart and my honesty even my secrets. It may be my biggest fault, not to have deep OTHER intentions, while so many of these cool, slick people always have their motives in mind. But I wear that fault proudly.

To act otherwise would eat me up inside eventually. In the end, when we all have to answer to ourselves, to our parents, to God, it would be awful to have to answer for two or three different faces instead of just the one.

Of course, this doesn’t discount all the truly good people, I must say. How would you know from these do-gooders if you hadn’t experienced true shadiness? Without dark there is no light, makes sense. That’s why I really appreciate, so wholeheartedly, true friendship and true, pure love when it comes my way. And I try not to take anything for granted like I once may have.

I guess if you’ve been having JUST this kind of year..well for me the last few years, they’d be a lot of growing up going on. Guess with age things are likely to get more complicated and the longer you know certain people their true colors are bound to surface. Just don’t let their true colors stain your good heart =).

I’ve just been seeing so much of this two facedness going on, so much, I think, really? REALLY?!?! I mean, for REAL?! So what I’m saying is…..

Let’s try to understand each other more and realize we are all heading in the same direction. It wouldn’t be so awful to wish each other well because that in turn will be well wishes for you and your future too. Peace and love people. The funniest thing I’ve been hearing but is so true is…”you’re better than that”.

Aren’t we all a little bit better than THAT deep inside?

On My HOT List


1. ipad fitness and nutrition apps. Stayed up till 2am last night od-ing on these apps! I’m hooked!

Apple Love~

in hope of achieving a body like these VS beauties!

2. Blogging! who cares if I don’t have a perfect blog, it’s MY blog…

3. Visions of my trip to glorious Las Vegas in November!

SIN CITY BABY! this was taken from the last time I was there~

what a view!

4. The cute trainers at my new gym. They call themselves The A-Team. Well y’all are A-OK in my book. har har har.

My nights currently slaving away at…..

5. Climate control sportswear/workout outfits and cool sneakers! I was never ever big on these things but one’s fashion definitely has to evolve with one’s lifestyle.

a very fit me in workout mode, almost there again!

6. Eating healthy and working out everyday! My whole family is tripping out on this MEGA fitness health routine. No more big butts in This Yi Household!

7. Reading…books!

It's the beginning of a MASSIVE library's hoping =). All from the NY Times Best Seller section at my favorite bookstore in Bundang. Any other suggestion????

8. The new season of Jersey Shore! Those crazy kids…

Never fall in love at the JERSEY SHORE! Fist pump if you agree! oh yeah, and DONT BE A DOUCHEBAG!

9. Quality time with my family in Korea.

10. House music! K, another thing I’ve never been big on. Music needs to have meaningful LYRICS for me but hey when your sweaty and tired and want to rest at the gym, that beat just amps you up!

And of course, the pessimist in me needs to make the NOT list:

1. Rude people. I’ve been encountering too many here. Maybe it’s the culture, maybe it’s the water or maybe it’s all that soju but DAYAM korean people can be so …RUDE.

2. Playing games. I mean, COME ON! And I’m not talking about Scrabble…

Dear Boy, Stop playing games with my heart! With Love, Lisa

3. Wasting time. Life it too fucking short! So yes, curse out loud! Be balls out brazen with your life! JUST DO IT!!!!

4.The way WORDPRESS KEEPS DELETING MY BLOGS!!!!! PLease stop erasing my pics and somehow reverting back to post before I edited them! Please!!! I’m about to cry…=(

5. Dieting. I know I’m on a health binge but visions of heaping portions of gorgeous pasta dance in my head.

6. Going to the derm! Pain and beauty are synonymous.

7. Cancer. One of my relatives recently got diagnosed and I still have yet to truly accept and believe it. Please God, help us. But I will be a pillar of hulk strength for her! I promise!

8. Gee I’m having a tough time listing up to 10!

9. ……?……..

10…….?………think dammit!

Photo Diary

I wish I were one of those girls that document every detail of their daily lives through photos.
Believe it or not, I have some major issues with photos. I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia but it’s a love hate relationship.
Be it stemming from being a classic perfectionist neurotic brought up with an overly critical childhood, I’m totally uncomfortable in front of a camera. If I am not in-tune with my hidden Gisele-ness that day, the whole ordeal of fake smiling in front of a camera is TOO MUCH! eek. pics please=)

Anyways, to overcome this, I decided to get myself an awesome camera and run straight into the opposite way. Who cares if I look like I hadn’t shed my winter chub yet? Or my skin looks drab and dull? Or OM… freaking.. G, I look retarded with that weird smile!?
Got to squash this shyness and insecurity or geez, at least fake it till I make it!

K, in search if a great camera…I actually bought one on the Asiana flight over here. A Samsung one. After a week or two I was looking for it and it was nowhere to be found! Utterly confused, I thought, this is a sign! I have bad photo KARMA! But it was a really strange mix up where my uncle thought it was a present for him and took it home with him…..hmmmm…big miscommunication there! hahaha. It’s all good. He was so grateful he already took me to three very expensive sashimi dinners!!!! yummmmy~~~ =) Great tradeoff. He still doesn’t know. muhahaha. Hey, what he doesn’t know can’t harm him, am I right?

K, so, anyways…
I just restarted blogging again so bear with me. Still trying to figure the technicalities out, like sorting posts into categories and such. BTW, how DO you do that????  hmm, getting back to topic, photos to come soon! You were warned….tootles! I’m ready for my closeup…..


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