Photo Diary

I wish I were one of those girls that document every detail of their daily lives through photos.
Believe it or not, I have some major issues with photos. I wouldn’t say it’s a phobia but it’s a love hate relationship.
Be it stemming from being a classic perfectionist neurotic brought up with an overly critical childhood, I’m totally uncomfortable in front of a camera. If I am not in-tune with my hidden Gisele-ness that day, the whole ordeal of fake smiling in front of a camera is TOO MUCH! eek. pics please=)

Anyways, to overcome this, I decided to get myself an awesome camera and run straight into the opposite way. Who cares if I look like I hadn’t shed my winter chub yet? Or my skin looks drab and dull? Or OM… freaking.. G, I look retarded with that weird smile!?
Got to squash this shyness and insecurity or geez, at least fake it till I make it!

K, in search if a great camera…I actually bought one on the Asiana flight over here. A Samsung one. After a week or two I was looking for it and it was nowhere to be found! Utterly confused, I thought, this is a sign! I have bad photo KARMA! But it was a really strange mix up where my uncle thought it was a present for him and took it home with him…..hmmmm…big miscommunication there! hahaha. It’s all good. He was so grateful he already took me to three very expensive sashimi dinners!!!! yummmmy~~~ =) Great tradeoff. He still doesn’t know. muhahaha. Hey, what he doesn’t know can’t harm him, am I right?

K, so, anyways…
I just restarted blogging again so bear with me. Still trying to figure the technicalities out, like sorting posts into categories and such. BTW, how DO you do that????  hmm, getting back to topic, photos to come soon! You were warned….tootles! I’m ready for my closeup…..



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