The Blood Type Diet

Being an avid participant of new fad diets, I decided to ignore my better instincts and try this Blood Type Diet.

Strangely as a child I was convinced I was Type O. Then as I better understood my personality, I was positive I had to be the crazy type AB. But last week I found I’m Blood Type B. Plain old B. This, of course, stems from the Japanese and Korean personality profiling by different blood types. Yes, it is horoscope but it’s so eerily on point in my experiences, juging from friends and family members.  So this is basically the astrology of diets, if that makes sense. It did, to me, for about a good, I dunno, all of ….two days. Then I just wanted to eat like a normal human. Healthy all around with a little junk here and there so I don’t get too bored or, better yet, boring!

So, this diet advocates that B’s were the “hunters”, the nomads. We were originally from Asia, mainly the rough and sturdy Mongolians. We hadn’t developed the technology to produce grains or make bread but feasted on proteins and things like fruits and vegetables. Blah blah blah i wont go into too scientifically as there s no science to actually support these theories. And strangely, it forbids me to eat TOFU. NO WAY JOSE. I LOVE tofu. It is my favorite go-to staple food and I even love the taste of it. I also can’t have sesame oil, it’s seeds, miso and a whole bunch of other healthy foods. So I ditched it.

I will, though, take from it what I can. I know I shouldn’t have wheat bread but I had two slices with tuna salad today.I did kinda feel bloated but this is the year 2011 ok. I mean if this blood diet advocates our ancestral history as a lineage between what types of food our body can handle, haven’t they realized that humans adapt and evolve to different situations? I think my very cosmopolitan, futuristic body made in the 21st century can handle a slice of bread or two.


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