Photo Diary Part 2

It’s Saturday night and I just got back from a night jog at the park. I skipped gym today because I was dillydallying and missed the cut-off time. Saturdays they close at 10 and boy, if you don’t start wrapping things up by 9, they get real annoying.

So, I got myself a camera as I promised I would. =)

needed to get a shot of the camera. the camera on my laptop is eh.

Then I took these pics…

Chillin like a villian~

Me if I had a sunny tan!~ Vegas is calling my name!

I’ve been eating so so so much lately! Albeit all healthy foods but still seems like I’m noshing all day. My brother has given me a befitting nickname, san dwehji, which means like wild hog or forest pig in Korean~ Which is hilarious but why specifically a forest pig? They must be more sturdier and tougher than say, a wussy, soft farm pig. Yes, I actually thought about this. Weird I know.

Hey come to think of it, my favorite piggy, Piglet is a forest pig too! =) Did I ever mention I'm obsessed with Winne the Pooh?

Plus, I have been going to the dermatologist because my skin has been pissing me off lately which also requires me to avoid the sun like the plague. The sun is so vital to stave depression and feelings of general malaise. You gotta get your daily dose of vitamin D! But no sun coupled with visits to the derm are making me feel bit blasé.Thank god working out releases mega endorphins! I actually really like sweating buckets at the gym although I may look gross it feels super. No sweat and I feel cheated out of a workout.

Has anyone gotten photo and laser facials? Sounds so futuristic but it’s just so common these days. It’s like good grooming here. Wonder what other new things they’ll come up with. But all this effort and at times PAIN should yield something good right? It’s hard work=(

On a positive note, I can really see a clear improvement and better and better as the days go by. The rapid  turnover of cells on my skin is amazing! Well finally, once in my life my skin seems to be working with me, not raising hell against me. lol.

Anywhooooo…The reason why I stress so much is that skin is prized like your firstborn in Korea. Hell, I think people would trade their firstborn to have perfect skin! And all the while, the stress of having to maintain crystalline, porcelain, milky white skin is aggravating my stress levels which guess what? Makes me have bad skin!!!! Argh the irony!!!!!

Plus, Korea is adamantly ANTI TAN. People walk around like a nuclear bomb went off and they need to shield themselves from the harmful radiation. Face masks, hats that look basically like a huge umbrella attached on top of the head with extra SPf guards on the sides, long sleeves on top of short sleeves, and long pants. And I mean I’ve seen them wear all these all at once in like 98 degree weather! Hello, are you melting in there or what? it was funny at first but I got used to it.

While all of Korea rests for Korean Thanksgiving, I have to find a way to keep up a regimen without the health club since it’s closed Mon and Tues. I opt for outdoor jogs and long walks with at home yoga on the iPad. The cheapo in me wants to ask for “credit” for so many days off from the gym. lol. Whoever said I wasn’t frugal???

Tomorrow(Sunday) I’ll be cooking all day long for Korean Thanksgiving on Monday. Hmmmm, not sure how much food will actually be left if I’m gonna be in that kitchen. But that’s one of the main perks of being the CHEF!=) Well sous chef~ My gramma and mama being the main chefs!

We get to spend some quality time with ALL THREE generations of the Yi/Lee family! My grandmother, my mom, my aunt and me! AWESOME! I love talking to my aunt! She’s like the sister I never had and I don’t know how she manages to stay younger than me! Love them all to death!

These days I find happiness in all the things that fill my heart to the brim. I’m really so lucky and give thanks to God for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s to being humble for your success, happy for the scared things in life and content with what you have at the moment!


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