The Longest Slumber and The Train Ride From Hell

I tend to lay awake at night with bouts of insomnia. I’ve noticed I collect all these sleepless nights and konk out the entire day, every two weeks or so. Waking from sleeping like that feels so good! It’s usually a slow lazy Sunday or an unexpected nap on a listless Wednesday night.

Today, I did it again. My body felt like it was being lulled into a deep trance, void of any energy left. I just got home last night pretty late, running on empty, after a trip to the seaside. I took a 5 hour train ride aptly named by me, The Train Ride From Hell. I was bombarded with just about any type of rude, uncouth scenario you can imagine while taking public transportation. Heck, the NYC Subway was dearly missed.

It wasn’t the  train in itself, it was the lepers on it! Crying babies screaming at what could have been mistaken for hysterical banshees or whatever radar sonic booms travel at, old men with MAJOR gas problems, people who packed just about the stinkiest things imaginable to eat on a train, packs of unruly, cursing teenagers smoking(how is this STILL allowed?), and of course the old couple sitting behind me, who constantly yanked my seat so far back EVERY stinkin time they had to get up, I could see up their nostrils. And they got up every 10 minutes. AND I was trying to get some much needed sleep! I guess they also thought my headrest was their own personal FOOT REST. I mean, come one people! We are not neanderthals!

So, the trip itself was great minus the scorching hot weather. But I’m a city girl. Lesson learned. No more train rides. The idea seemed so exciting…you know, a night train to some far off seaside town. But I forgot. This is Korea and far off means country folk and country THINGS. I dont know. I miss NY. =/ The photos are in no specific order but it was all that day….

really tired from no sleep! but gotta keep truckin..

at the local seafood market

i left my heart at the sea!~

that morning...

two shots of this and I was DONE! =)

poor fishie became our lunch~! this and two others i forgot to take a pic!

we were lost in this town, just came on a whim since it's my dads hometown, but the locals said the true way to eat good sashimi is at the market where you pick the fish and they prepare it for you at a interconnected restaurant.


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