Gym Bunnies

So it’s a cool, breezy lovely Sunday afternoon…I love Autumn!!!! I was practically giddy since the weather was so nice I  decided I needed to go shopping for a new gym outfit. Don’t you HATE it when you wear cotton  and you get that nasty ring of sweat that is 5x magnified under those bright gym lights? I’ve learned my lesson.

Bought a outfits but threw this on because I’m in love with the skort-ish look, skirt attached with tights underneath. I feel like some cool tennis player or something. The shirt is the Clima365 Series from Adidas and the pants are Nike DriFit. These days all I see is SPORTSWEAR! So far Adidas and Nike are my fave. Should I be in the know of some other, hipper brands? Gotta do some research…..

When you look good, you feel better, so you want to do more. Especially during a workout~  Nothing wrong with looking cute at the gym right? Especially if your gym has a dresscode or you just don’t want to rock the raggedy hobo look thats preferred by some. Although, I don’t condone the “gym bunnie” look which may include full makeup, clunky jewelry, a perfume shower or bedazzled booty shorts that leave little to the imagination. I’m not judging but I get slightly curious of those girls that come to the gym decked out like christmas ornaments, water bottle in one hand, and phone in the other, barely do anything and leave. Little pet peeve of the day….But again, NO JUDGEMENT! =)

I love tights and spandex as gymwear but feel so conspicuous wearing them sometimes, so the little skirt on top of tights are perfect!

shirt is doubled layered with a tank top that supposedly "molds" or "holds" your various muscles in place. I think I can feel it....

Speaking of “gym bunnies”…I went for a jog/hike and saw the cutest bunny couple! I swear they were posing for me! =) They don’t get scared and the closer I got they did different, snuggly poses~ It was adorable.

Bunny LOVE~! ❤

i dont know what this face is, it's my joyful jogging face! sometimes a girls gotta go au naturel

this strawberry raspberry yogurt smoothie is SO DELISH and packaging is cool!


back home, resting, watching Korean TV. Yep that explains the look.

peace and love, lets call it a n i g h t...zzzzz.....

K, so that was my uneventful Sunday~ The Stella McCartney Adidas line looks pretty nice! I think I’ll have to go scoop some up =) Night Night, With Love, LISA~!!


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