Detox Smoothie

After a week devoted to the holidays, also known as just plain chowing on great food, it’s time to detox! I thought of this Smoothie recipe three years ago after reading the book, Skinny Bitch, and decided to go Vegan. Of course, that only lasted a year and a half. But isn’t that a long time?…

Cabbage is really healthy and it has vast benefits for dieters due to it’s high fiber content. It has several healing properties and helps to keep you full. It’s best eaten raw but it isn’t very appetizing and well, it’s a tad smelly. So, throw it all into a refreshing and fruity smoothie and it’ll go down very easy!

So basically you need:

1 cup cabbage
1 container yogurt, raspberry or strawberry
1 green apple
1/2cup frozen mixed berries
1/2cup frozen bananas
Cold water or apple juice about 2cups, water is less caloric and apple juice makes it sweeter! So it’s up to your preference.

(I always have frozen bananas in the freezer. It’s so complimentary to all smoothies, giving them a great smoooooth texture and rich creaminess. Just throw ripe bananas, skin on, into your freezer. That’s it. And when your ready to use them, let them rest and thaw for 5mins and the peels will come off very easy with a knife. If your impatient like me, I just take the skin off while still frozen by just slicing it off with a knife.)

Just throw it all and blend! I like to frost my glass in the freezer while I prepare the ingredients, that way it’s extra frosty and delish! It such a pretty blush pink color, I call it Hello Kitty Pink.

I just got a blender few days ago and I think I’ll make it regularly from now. I don’t have cabbage right now, so as much as I’d like one now, I can’t make it. But I’ll try to go grocery shopping and post a pic tomorrow!
Off to the park I go. It’s right by the water and it’s really nice at night minus the random bug that flys splat into your face. Tootles!~


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