On My HOT List


1. ipad fitness and nutrition apps. Stayed up till 2am last night od-ing on these apps! I’m hooked!

Apple Love~

in hope of achieving a body like these VS beauties!

2. Blogging! who cares if I don’t have a perfect blog, it’s MY blog…

3. Visions of my trip to glorious Las Vegas in November!

SIN CITY BABY! this was taken from the last time I was there~

what a view!

4. The cute trainers at my new gym. They call themselves The A-Team. Well y’all are A-OK in my book. har har har.

My nights currently slaving away at…..    http://familysports.co.kr/FAM.asp

5. Climate control sportswear/workout outfits and cool sneakers! I was never ever big on these things but one’s fashion definitely has to evolve with one’s lifestyle.

a very fit me in workout mode, almost there again!

6. Eating healthy and working out everyday! My whole family is tripping out on this MEGA fitness health routine. No more big butts in This Yi Household!

7. Reading…books!

It's the beginning of a MASSIVE library collection...here's hoping =). All from the NY Times Best Seller section at my favorite bookstore in Bundang. Any other suggestion????

8. The new season of Jersey Shore! Those crazy kids…

Never fall in love at the JERSEY SHORE! Fist pump if you agree! oh yeah, and DONT BE A DOUCHEBAG!

9. Quality time with my family in Korea.

10. House music! K, another thing I’ve never been big on. Music needs to have meaningful LYRICS for me but hey when your sweaty and tired and want to rest at the gym, that beat just amps you up!

And of course, the pessimist in me needs to make the NOT list:

1. Rude people. I’ve been encountering too many here. Maybe it’s the culture, maybe it’s the water or maybe it’s all that soju but DAYAM korean people can be so …RUDE.

2. Playing games. I mean, COME ON! And I’m not talking about Scrabble…

Dear Boy, Stop playing games with my heart! With Love, Lisa

3. Wasting time. Life it too fucking short! So yes, curse out loud! Be balls out brazen with your life! JUST DO IT!!!!

4.The way WORDPRESS KEEPS DELETING MY BLOGS!!!!! PLease stop erasing my pics and somehow reverting back to post before I edited them! Please!!! I’m about to cry…=(

5. Dieting. I know I’m on a health binge but visions of heaping portions of gorgeous pasta dance in my head.

6. Going to the derm! Pain and beauty are synonymous.

7. Cancer. One of my relatives recently got diagnosed and I still have yet to truly accept and believe it. Please God, help us. But I will be a pillar of hulk strength for her! I promise!

8. Gee I’m having a tough time listing up to 10!

9. ……?……..

10…….?………think dammit!


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